FIBC – Flexible intermediate bulk container , it use for storage and transportation of all types of goods for all industries. it is most economical products for storage and transportation at anywhere. we are offering different types of FIBC bags. 

You can order small, medium, and standard size bulk bags from Auzzie bulk bags. They deliver wonderful solutions and can be of various sizes, styles, and shapes. So, many industries are ordering customized sizes for their needs.
The entire bulk bags have come under UV treated to pass ultraviolet rays. Of course, they are additive and added during the manufacturing process. It is filled with a substance to pass harmful substances.

Yes, we do customized bags as per client requirements.  

Yes, it is always applicable for you to store bulk bags outside. Without any hassles, you will store the bags that are outside. It covers under to protect from sunlight and adverse weather. 

Yes, we do deliver at anywhere in Australia. Delivery charge may be apply based on the location. 

Customers can order any quantity from our available stocks. 

Without any doubt, you can order bulk bags that are recycled as possible. They are made up of polypropylene and useful for one to recycle the bulk bags from us.

Bulk bags can come under a variety of prices, designs, and specifications. So, the price may change as per the requirements. 

Yes, we are manufacturing, exporting and supplying all types of bulk bags.